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In its 114 years of history the Ferronato family business has seen many good times, as well as some very challenging times. Today, facing the actual SARS-Cov-2 or Covid-19 pandemic which is turning into a major economic crisis, KGS has taken the initiative to respond by creating a new division utilising our wealth of manufacturing knowledge and values based business model, to bring innovation to health care products.


Our intent is to adapt to this new moment in history and to offer truly useful high quality products at fair prices to our customers.

The goal is to achieve this while maintaining our values of trust and respect for our customers, employees, and suppliers. In addition, KGS maintains its long established commitment to the environment and values of sincerity. Our simple motto: “Say what you do, do what you say.

With this new business endeavour and product offering, KGS is motivated every day to building trust with our customers, our team and with all of our business partners.

We have mobilized our manufacturing abilities by proposing new KGS Skincare Diamond Embedded Foot Files, KGS Face Shields and KGS Metallized Fabrics, which provide protection against electromagnetic waves (or radiation), along with our extended range of KGS Protective Masks, which has been in our product catalogue for almost 40 years.

We hope you will give us the opportunity to be at your service and send you our best wishes of health and prosperity.

Sandro Ferronato
President & CEO